Advertising Campaigns – Creative Suggestions For Promoting Your Car Wash With Special Deals

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22 Mar

Offering special deals at your car wash is a dependable way to attract interested customers, whom you can then impress with your expertise to turn them into loyal patrons. However, promoting such promotions is crucial both online and on-premises, as they’re ineffective if nobody knows about them. Here are a few ideas for your advertising campaigns:

Marketing campaign for the start or opening of a new car wash

It’s essential to draw attention to your car wash with special offers, particularly when launching or reopening the business after a lengthy hiatus or renovation. For instance, you can offer your car wash services at half price for one day, without incurring losses. By choosing a specific day, like a Saturday, and advertising the deal in advance through posters, online notices, and newspaper ads, you can reach numerous potential new customers.

Advertising campaigns – Examples of recurring customers

It’s vital to encourage customers to return to your car wash regularly. You can do this by providing loyalty cards that offer customers a 10% discount or a free pre-wash every time they visit. Another option is to offer an unlimited wash plan, where customers pay a monthly fee and can have their car washed as frequently as they want. Additionally, you can send newsletters to regular customers to keep them informed about upcoming promotions, ensuring that they never miss a discounted wash day.

A marketing campaign idea

Happy Hour Another way to incentivize customers to return is by offering a Happy Hour. During this hour, customers can receive a substantial discount on all washes (usually around 20-50%). It’s important to consider the timing of the Happy Hour carefully. If it’s set shortly after work, you may have a full forecourt, but relatively lower revenue. On the other hand, if you schedule it during a time when most people are unable to have their cars washed, you may see better results. For instance, setting the Happy Hour between 8-9 AM could be an ideal time, as many customers are on their way to work. This could be especially valuable for older customers who prefer avoiding crowded times, like evenings and weekends.

Advertising for Anxious Customers

Some customers may feel uneasy about driving into a car wash. They might not enjoy being inside the car during the wash or be worried about damaging their car. To cater to these customers, you can offer a special day where your employees can drive the cars into the facility for free upon request and hand them back after washing. This could help alleviate any concerns and attract more customers to your car wash.

Ideas for Seasonal Advertising Campaigns

To cater to customers’ needs during different seasons, consider offering specials on services that are most relevant during that time. For instance, during winter, when days are shorter and slush and chippings cause strain to cars, you can make special offers on underbody washing. In the summer, when pollen, resin, and dead insects stick to the paintwork, offering a discount on wax finish could be a great option. In the spring, many customers may be interested in a thorough car cleaning and makeover, so consider offering a reduced rate for interior cleaning in addition to car washing. This can help your customers coast into spring with a clean car, inside and out.

Inspiration for Special Offers

There are many different special offers that can attract and retain new customers. You can choose to carry out regular campaigns, plan fixed days, or offer promotions for special occasions like Father’s Day. However, it’s important to consider your customers and how often you can afford to offer discounts. Too many special offers can result in customers only coming in when these promotions are available. It’s better to limit special offers and offer regular discounts to loyal customers.

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