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Mattias's lineup of car wash machines makes the most of the techniques and quality that the company has accumulated over the years as a manufacturer of material handling systems. From tunnel-type car washes for passenger vehicles to drive-throughs, gate-type car washes, and large-scale car washes for trucks, buses, and semi-trailers, Mattias offers a wide variety of car wash machines and products to service stations, car dealerships, maintenance shops, transportation companies, and coin-operated car washes. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of fully automated car wash equipment, we help car wash operators grow their business every day at more than 13,000 locations in more than 40 countries, and we've been doing it for more than 20 years.


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Years Experience

For nearly 20 years, Mattias has provided thecar wash industry with cutting-edgetechnological advances in car washequipment and car wash systems.


Production Area

We have over 70,000 square meters of fullyautomated car wash manufacturing space and warehouses.


International Certifications

Currently, we hold 112 pieces domestic andinternational patents; our factories andproducts have obtained internationalcertifications like ISO9001, CE, Rosh, etc.


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Your perfect car wash, wash tunnel, truck wash as well as self-service car wash from Mattias Car Wash Systems Ideal for gas station operators, car dealerships, oil companies, auto repair shops, large investors as well as prospective car wash operators.

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Survey and Data Collection

Conduct surveys and collect data about different localities regarding Car population: 1.Living Standards (Per capita Income) of people living around if situated in or around a residential area. 2.An average number of cars passing by, if situated on a busy road.

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Area / Locality Selection

Select an area, where you would like to start the business.Also take into account the car population in the near future.Ask the Municipal corporation of your city, if they are planning to start some project which may affect the car population in your business locality in near future

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Land Selection

Enough space for Customer Car parking and any future projects if desired. Busy Street,Turning, corner plot,No Exit restrictions ( One Way etc.) The site on the side by which the majority of the drivers pass on their way home.Near a traffic signal,Near a Shopping Mall, Cinema Theatre, Gas Station, Car Service Station, Public Place, etc.

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Car Wash Bay Plan

Before starting construction job you may like to consider the plan below which is has been used the world over successfully. If you have any other idea, we are there to assist you. This may not be the only plan, if you consider trying different plan, make sure you take into account your future business.

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Post Installation Planning

We appreciate your marketing skills, but you may consider referring to following data which we have experienced till now. When your car wash system is up and ready, give news in the City Updates in regarding the latest technology you have invested on. Advertise in the most read newspaper for almost a week continuously or on alternate days, with preferably large advertisement size. Small size advertisements are not that effective.

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A clean vehicle represents a good feeling - and a clear conscience.

We're not washing cars anymore, we're polishing them. And let me tellyou customers will love it because they just come out sparkling.

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gas station operators

All of our equipment uses strictly mattias chemicals. It adds to thequality of the wash and the quality of the service. We buy into their entireprogram, which I think gives us the best value and the best service to ourcustomers.

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