M-8211-EN Gate-Type Automatic Truck Wash Machine

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From pre-wash to rinse, our high-powered, high-pressure automatic commercial truck wash systems offer heavy-duty cleaning power with the quickest wash cycles on the market. Mattias’s advanced brushless wash systems provide the ultimate, scratch-free cleaning experience for all kinds of vehicles, especially those with hard-to-reach places.

The heavy-duty cleaning power of our conventional flat spray, spinners, and solid stream nozzles is configured to power away dirt, grime, salt, and other corrosives quickly and efficiently. These touchless truck wash systems are ideal for large vehicles with irregular shapes.

Product Features:

  • Smart Sensing system 24-hour auto car washing
  • 360° swing-type high pressure flushing
  • Auto car recognition with ground sensing technology
  • Anti splash with closed gantry structure
  • Fault self-checking system