M6070-TU Tunnel-Type Car Wash Machine

Mattias introduces an all-new, in-bay wash system that offers your customers and higher profit potential for you. The all-new M5666-G three-brush, the gantry-style workhorse is loaded with technologically advanced features and controls. Designed for easy installation and maintenance, the M5666-G is a compact profit-maker that will have you cleaning up in no time.

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This M6070-TU tunnel car wash system has 9 brushes and will wash every aspect of a car, all while using less water and lower power consumption. This car wash system improves washing efficiency, saves utilities, and increases customer profits, making this conveyor car wash a popular system among our customers.

Product Features:

  • One click on-off, wireless control, smart pay system
  • vehicle type detection technology
  • Side brush reversing washing technology
  • Side brush beyond centerline technology
  • Side brush vehicle head positioning technology
  • Top brush contour imitation technology
  • Fault self-checking system
  • Smart parking guidance system