About Automatic Car Wash Machine Advantages and Disadvantages

How About Intelligent Self-Service Car Wash Machines How Is The Return On Investment In Self-Service Car Washes
1 Nov

With the development of the automobile industry, cars are now gradually covering the city. Car washing is a problem that every car buyer needs to solve. Computerized car wash is a new generation of car cleaning tools, it can be a comprehensive cleaning of the surface and interior of the car, some easy to accumulate dust but not easy to clean the corners, the original car wash tools do not clean the place. So what are the differences between computerized car wash machines and the manual car wash? The following is a small introduction for everyone.

How About Intelligent Self-Service Car Wash Machines How Is The Return On Investment In Self-Service Car Washes
How About Intelligent Self-Service Car Wash Machines How Is The Return On Investment In Self-Service Car Washes

Automatic car wash advantages and disadvantages


Automatic car wash machine compared with the manual car wash method, the main advantages are as follows.

(1) fast and efficient. Manually washing a car, in less than 10 minutes, or more than 20 minutes, and an automatic car wash machine to wash a car takes at most 5 minutes, for the car wash volume of car beauty stores, can significantly improve the efficiency of the car wash.

(2) Safe and reliable. The automatic car wash machine is controlled by the computer according to the design procedure, which can completely avoid personal and equipment accidents caused by manual operation.

(3) It can reduce the labor intensity of car washers and help retain car washers. At present, the majority of young people in their twenties belong to the only child, because they dislike the low status of car washers, the dirty working environment, and labor intensity, most of them are not willing to do car washers, even if they do car washers, they are also easy to jump ship. Automatic car wash machines can effectively reduce labor intensity and facilitate the retention of car wash workers.

(4) The image of the automatic car wash machine is high-grade, which is good for recruiting customers. Manual car wash is easy to cause a dirty environment and give car owners a poor image, while the automatic car wash gives car owners a high-grade image, which is conducive to attracting car owners, especially high-grade car owners, to wash their cars, which in turn leads to the sale of fine products and other projects.

(5) Save water costs. Automatic car machines wash a car with water consumption of 10 to 12 liters than manual car wash water savings of 10 to 20 liters. If the car wash store washes 100 cars per day, the daily water saving is 1 to 2 tons, and the annual water saving is 300 to 700 tons. An automatic car wash can also use recycling wastewater treatment technology, which not only meets the requirements of environmental protection but also can save a lot of water resources. In today’s increasingly rising water cost, it can save a lot of water cost.


The computerized automatic car wash machine also has some shortcomings compared with the manual car wash method.

(1) Not very economical personnel. After the automatic car wash, sometimes 2 to 3 people are needed to handle the fine drying and car cleaning after the car wash.

(2) The cleaning of the exterior of the car is not thorough. Many car owners feel that the computer car wash is not as thorough as the traditional manual car wash in terms of cleaning the external dead-end position (such as wheel hubs, car mark seams, etc.) and heavy dirt.

(3) covers a slightly larger area and has a long payback period. An automatic car wash machine of less than 100,000 yuan, more than hundreds of thousands of yuan, for an auto beauty store, is a considerable investment.

To sum up, if the funds are generous, you can buy an automatic car wash machine! If funds are short, it is better to rent an automatic car wash machine!

The difference between automatic car wash equipment and manual car wash

The advantage of a manual car wash is that there is no automatic car wash in the kind of gravel on the surface of the car scraping, manual car wash with a high-pressure water gun first jet to clean the appearance very clean, and thereafter wipe with a towel although there may be a small amount of sand in the towel, the damage caused to the surface of the car is extremely small.

The disadvantage of manual car wash is the relatively long time to wash the car, to be 3 to 4 times slower than the automatic car wash, but for the vehicle appearance care effect manual car wash has more advantages, simply to the vehicle’s appearance maintenance analysis of manual car wash is more suitable to choose.

Manual car wash and automatic car wash in terms of the charge price also has a big difference, many people think that the high car wash in the use of automatic car wash machine charges will be more expensive, in fact, not so, in the large car wash line with automatic car wash machine for a car wash than manual car wash costs about 30% lower, of course, in terms of service is relatively less, large car wash line in the automatic car wash is not including car internal cleaning Cleaning, and in small car wash companies usually, just add a certain amount to be able to complete the cleaning of the interior of the vehicle.

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