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What is The Average Cost Of Various Car Wash Options With Automatic Car Wash Machine & Manual Car Wash

A car wash is an answer to when you have no time, energy, appropriate space, or necessary tools for washing your car yourself. But then that leads you to the question: “How much does a car wash cost?”

It depends because there are different car wash types. It may cost as low as approximately $10 for an automatic car wash or as high as approximately $100 for a full-service car wash. And other factors can affect the cost, but there are also ways to save on car washes.

Different Types of Car Washes and Their Cost

What is The Average Cost Of Various Car Wash Options With Automatic Car Wash Machine Manual Car Wash
What is The Average Cost Of Various Car Wash Options With Automatic Car Wash Machine Manual Car Wash

Each of the various car wash types uses different methods for washing or cleaning vehicles as well as equipment. The varying methods and equipment entail variable average car wash prices. Check out the list of the different types of car washes to see what fits your needs and budget.

1. Full-Service Car Wash

A full-service car wash takes care of the entire car from the exterior down to the interior, involving thorough car washing and car detailing.

Compared to a basic car wash, which would only last a couple of minutes, a full-service car wash can take several hours. It would also include many other cleaning services or premium products and additional equipment.

So, it is understandable that the cost is normally much higher than a basic car wash. Of course, it also depends on what services you avail of and the size of your vehicle.

The full-service car wash with basic car detailing includes car washing, waxing, interior vacuum cleaning and polishing, window washing, mirror and trim cleaning, tire cleaning and protectant application, and headlight polishing.

  • For regular-sized vehicles, the average cost would be around $50 to $100
  • For the bigger SUVs and vans, it would be around $75 to $125.

There are also upgraded detailing packages you can avail of with premium products like high-quality wax, carpet shampoo, leather cleaner, etc. The service also includes additional equipment like a steam cleaner, extractor vacuum, etc.

Other upgraded detailing packages would also offer engine cleaning and dent removal.

An upgraded package

  • For regular-sided vehicles would cost around $100 to $200 on average
  • For the bigger SUVs or vans, the average cost for an upgraded package would be $150-250

2. Hand Car Wash

Compared to an automated car wash, a hand car wash takes longer and is more expensive, usually costing around $20 to $30. However, its advantages are that it’s more gentle on vehicles, as it doesn’t cause any scratches, and it also doesn’t leave swirl marks or watermarks after washing.

In a hand car wash, a team would usually manually apply the soap on a vehicle, scrub the dirt and grime, and dry the car with much care and attention to detail. It would usually also include vacuum cleaning and cleaning the vehicle’s interior.

3. Mobile Car Wash

A mobile car wash takes away the hassle of traveling to a car wash establishment and waiting in line to get a car wash.

  • Hand car washing is around $30 to $60.
  • Full-service washing and interior cleaning is around $60 to $150 for regular-sized cars and $100 to $175 dollars for the bigger SUVs and vans.
  • And detailing is around $125 to $275 for regular-sized cars and $175 to $325 for the bigger SUVs and vans.

It will be the one to come to you to provide your car cleaning needs. Mobile car washes usually offer hand car washing, full-service washing, interior cleaning, and detailing, usually costing more.

4. Self-Service Car Wash

A self-service car wash establishment provides coin-operated machines equipped with tools and settings that car owners can wash their cars themselves.

It works as we insert coins into the machine. Then, the coins will activate the machine for a set period for car washing. It would usually cost around $7 to $15.

Self-service car wash machines usually come with brushes and hoses. Some even have vacuum hoses for vacuum cleaning car interiors.

For your information, they would also usually have settings for washing, soaking, and rinsing. Meanwhile, we can encounter advanced self-service car wash machines with additional settings for pre-soaking, high-pressure rinsing, etc.

Self-service car washes would often usually be open 24 hours. A self-service car wash would be the best option for those who wish to save money but don’t have the appropriate space or necessary tools for washing their car.

5. Automatic Car Wash

The average automatic car wash cost isn’t too expensive compared to other car wash types’ average cost. The usual basic automatic car wash price is around $10 to $20. However, you shouldn’t get this car wash too often because frequent automatic car washes can damage the car’s paint, as the brushes’ bristles can scratch the paint.

Typically, an automatic car wash makes use of large brushes, high-pressure jets for water and soap, and a conveyor for pulling a vehicle toward the cleaning mechanisms within a tunnel structure. This process is a quick and effortless way to get your car cleaned.

6. Touchless Car Wash

Similar to the automatic car wash, this car wash type is also automated and more or less has a similar average car wash price, which is around $10 to $30.

But one difference is that it uses high-pressure jets and strong detergents for washing vehicles. This car wash type has lower chances of damaging vehicles’ paint than the automatic car wash.

Factors Affecting Car Wash Cost

What is The Average Cost Of Various Car Wash Options With Automatic Car Wash Machine & Hand Car Wash
What is The Average Cost Of Various Car Wash Options With Automatic Car Wash Machines & Hand Car Wash

Apart from the earlier mentioned average car wash pricing, other factors can affect car wash cost, which is listed below:

  • Tips

Tipping is customary at hand car washes and full-service car washes. Doing so will show appreciation for their service and ensure that you get the best service the next time you get a car wash from them.

How much you should tip would depend on the amount and quality of work done. 10 to 15% of the minimum cost would be the advisable amount to tip.

And if you go for an automatic car wash, there may be a staff that would hand dry your vehicle. For that service, $2 to $3 is commonly given.

  • Additional Services

If you’re going for additional services, like undercarriage wash, waxing, tire shine, etc., it will cost more. Each service would cost around $5 to $10.

  • Vehicle Size

A car wash for the bigger-sized SUVs and vans would consume more water and soap as well as take more effort. So normally, it would cost higher. If you have a large vehicle, expect to get charged more than small-sized cars to clean all its parts.


Ways to Save Money on Car Washes

Car washes are, indeed, very helpful. But one might think it would be too costly to go for car washes often. There are ways that you can save money on car washes, such as:

  • Frequent Washer Discount

Car wash companies often give frequent washer discounts to car owners who often get car washes from them. Like after a car owner gets 10 car washes from them, the car owner can get a car wash from them for free.

  • Coupons

Car wash companies often offer coupons for promotions or discounts. You can usually find their coupons online, on their website or Facebook, in local savings mailers, or phone books. Or they may even give you some if you ask them.

  • Monthly Subscription for Unlimited Car Washes

Most car washes also offer monthly subscriptions for unlimited car washes, allowing you to save a lot. It usually costs around $15 to $30.

  • Discounts From Gas Stations When You Purchase Gas

Some gas stations with car wash services also offer a discount to those who purchase gas from them. You can take advantage of this discount when you need to gas up.

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How Long an Automatic Car Wash Takes – This is What You Think to Know

There may come a time when you don’t have time for hand car washing, so you consider the much faster automatic car wash to clean your vehicle. If you’re in that situation, you might be curious about how long an automatic car wash takes.

Several factors can affect car washing duration like the car wash type, car wash process, etc. But typically, the average car wash time is three to four minutes.

How Long an Automatic Car Wash Takes – This is You Think to KnowHow Long an Automatic Car Wash Takes – This is What You Think to Know

Factors That Affect Car Wash Duration

How long automatic car washes take would vary from one automatic car wash to another because they are not built and programmed the same. Their differences are factors that can affect car washing duration. Those factors are listed below.

1. Type of Automatic Car Wash

Automatic car washes are either touchless or soft-touch. Each car wash type differs in car washing duration. But apart from that, they also each have their pros and cons.

So you should also look into each of the car wash type’s pros and cons aside from their car washing duration if you’re looking into getting a car wash. That way, you’ll be able to get the best option that suits your car washing needs.

The touchless car wash is usually the faster type of automated car wash compared to the soft-touch car wash. It usually only takes about three minutes for a touchless car wash to be completed.

What makes this automated car wash type faster is that it doesn’t undergo the scrubbing process, unlike the soft-touch car wash. Rather, it relies on hoses placed strategically for efficiently spraying high-pressure water and strong detergents on a car in order to thoroughly clean it.

Moreover, since no brushes would get in contact with a car in the washing process, it is least likely that your car would get any damage. So with its super quick washing with little to no damage, this automatic car wash type can provide the fastest and safest wash for your car.

  • Soft-Touch Car Wash

The soft-touch car wash may take up to four minutes to complete, a minute longer than its no-brush alternative, but it’s more effective in cleaning dirt and grime off a car.

In this automated car wash type, a car gets further and more thoroughly cleaned with the added brushes that are specially designed to reach the different parts of the car. The brushes would get in contact with your car’s surface and then move back and forth to get rid of the surface dirt and grime.

The brushing may add a minute or two to the car washing duration. But the slightly longer duration would be worth the cleaner results. While the touchless car wash may be the faster option, the soft-touch car wash is more effective in cleaning.

However, a soft-touch car wash can also pose risks to your car. Although the brushes work well in removing dirt and grime, they may also cause dirt to scratch the paint job, strip car wax off, and damage its ceramic coating.

2. Process of the Automatic Car Wash

There is no uniform procedure in car wash automation. The steps in car washing can slightly vary among different automatic car washes.

For example, some automatic car washes would only rinse a car at the start and the end of the car wash, while some would rinse every time a new detergent has been used. Also, there are some soft-touch car washes that may perform several cleanings with brushes.

3. Each Car Washing Step’s Duration

The duration of a certain step can also vary among automatic car washes, so that also can affect the duration of an automatic car wash. To give an example, some automatic car washes would rinse for only a few short seconds and immediately spray detergents, while others would rinse for a longer duration before the next step.

4. Resources of a Car Wash

The resources a car wash has also affect car washing duration. The more or better the equipment they have would result in faster and more effective cleaning.

Particularly speaking, for a soft-touch car wash, the more brushes they have, the more efficient the cleaning process is. While for the touchless car wash, a faster means of spraying water will reduce cleaning time.

Tips for Getting a Car Wash Much Quicker

We’ve already discussed car washing duration and the factors that can affect it. But even if an automatic car wash is fast, you would also need to consider the timing and vacancy if you really want to get your car washed quickly. Use the following tips to get a car wash quickly.

Go For a Car Wash That’s Mostly Free

Save time and avoid lines by searching for a good car wash that has vacancies and make sure that it has positive reviews. You can search on the internet. But you’ll be unlikely to find one in the middle of a city.

Avoid Peak Hours

You’re least likely to get a car wash quickly if there are a lot of cars waiting in line. So go to a car wash during hours when it’s completely vacant. If there is a car wash that’s open 24/7 near you, you may either go early in the morning or late in the evening like midnight.

Avoid Weekends or a Day Before a Festival

Avoid going to a car wash on weekends or a day before a festival. In such circumstances, there’ll be a lot of cars waiting in line for a car wash.

What Happens in an Automatic Car Wash

Aside from knowing how long does a car wash take to plan for a car wash according to your schedule, it would also be a good idea to know what happens in an automatic car wash. This will help you understand and prepare for the process. Although not all car washes are the same, the following steps are generally what happens.

  • Step 1: You would first drive into the car wash and park your car. In some car washes, you may step out of the car, while in some, you would remain inside the car.
  • Step 2: A sensor would signal the digital control system that the car is all set for the wash.
  • Step 3: The car would be rinsed. In a soft-touch car wash, a cloth or plastic would remove the dirt and grime from the car after rinsing. In a touchless car wash though, there won’t be any scrubbing, and it would directly proceed to the next step.
  • Step 4: Car wash shampoo or any other detergent is sprayed on the car.
  • Step 5: In a soft-touch car wash, cloth strips attached to a frame will rub the car’s surface back and forth. In a touchless car wash, this doesn’t apply; instead, the next step happens.
  • Step 6: A foam applicator would apply a deep-cleansing foam to the car’s surface.
  • Step 7: In a soft-touch car wash, the car would move through some soft cloth steps that would scrub the car. They would latch against the car and clean it along with the foam.
  • Step 8: Water is sprayed on the car to rinse off the foam.
  • Step 9: The car would be dried either with high-pressure air or soft cloths.
  • Step 10: In some car washes, the car would also be passed through a low-pressure system that would spray wax on its surface. But you can leave out that part if you’re not confident with the quality of the wax used.


Thanks to automated car washes, car owners get to have an effortless and super-fast way to get their cars cleaned. Although there is no exact answer to the question, “How long does an automatic car wash take?”, you can be assured that it will take only very little time. Also, if you’re very busy, follow the tips for getting a car wash much quicker.

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Car Wash Machine Operations: Why Proper Car Wash Equipment Maintenance Is Necessary

Not having proper car wash equipment maintenance has negative effects on your car wash operations. Find out why car wash equipment maintenance is a must for your car wash business.

Proper equipment maintenance should be a regular part of your car wash operations. When it is not done, a lot of undesirable things may happen. Regular daily and weekly schedule for equipment maintenance is a must. You also have to make sure that your equipment maintenance program is effective. The lack of regular and proper equipment maintenance can have dire consequences for your car wash operations. Read on and find out why car wash equipment maintenance is a must for your car wash operations.

Car Wash Machine Operations Why Proper Car Wash Equipment Maintenance Is Necessary
Car Wash Machine Operations Why Proper Car Wash Equipment Maintenance Is Necessary

Proper equipment maintenance is necessary for your car wash operations to avoid losing customers

Apart from the car wash facility itself, your car wash equipment is the first point of contact with your customers. It is important that they form a good impression of your business. Let’s face it, the inside of a car wash is not exactly the easiest place to keep clean. Cleaning vehicles on a daily basis causes all the grime, wax and dirt to build up on your equipment. This will not make a good first impression on your customers. Car owners would not want their vehicles cleaned by a car wash that seems to need some cleaning itself. Therefore, it is essential that you have a regular cleaning schedule for your equipment. In some cases, a weekly overall cleaning schedule or a monthly cleaning schedule would be necessary. Make sure that you have a checklist so that no task is missed. Regularly cleaning your equipment can be an additional task for you and your staff but remember that clean equipment will leave a good lasting impression on your customers. It is enough reason to keep them coming back to your car wash. As Carwashmag points out,

“The time spent cleaning and maintaining wash equipment is worth it as the equipment always looks its best and operates efficiently, keeping customers satisfied and willing to return again and again”

Proper equipment maintenance is necessary for your car wash operations to avoid accidents

As a car wash business owner, one of your priorities is the safety of your employees and customers. According to The Zenith, there are many serious injuries that can occur in wash operations. Examples given are electrocutions, chemical burns, lacerations, amputations, strains, struck-by-moving vehicles, assaults, slips, and falls. The good news is that there are many precautions that you can take to eliminate or significantly reduce such injuries. Indeed, a car wash can be an accident waiting to happen without regular equipment maintenance. An article on the website of Car Wash Insurance tells of an incident where a service technician suffered an arc flash burn during a service call to a car wash facility.

It turned out that the gear he was working on had two 4 1/2 inch holes knocked out on the top. The car wash facility handled thousands of aluminum kegs every day. The banging of aluminum kegs had created an aluminum dust which settled on top of everything inside the gear. When they started banging on the screws it jarred the dust airborne and created a path for the voltage. Aluminum dust is highly explosive, which compounded the explosion. Anytime electricity is present there is a danger.

That’s why Car Wash Insurance cautions that your car wash should be in full compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. You should also have a safety and preventive maintenance program to avoid accidents like this at your car wash operations. Make sure that you train properly your staff that is handling the equipment. Proper equipment maintenance can save you from all the trouble of emotional strain and financial loss caused by accidents.

Proper equipment maintenance is necessary for your car wash operations to avoid closing down

When your set of car wash equipment is properly maintained, you need not spend one whole day on cleaning or maintenance. Frequent closing down even for these purposes creates an image that will not be good for the car wash business. Thus, it is best to give special attention to your equipment cleaning and maintenance schedule. Sweep all of your equipment for worn-down, corroded or damaged components and replace them as soon as possible. A single worn-down bearing can bring an entire car wash system to a halt. It can affect operations and the whole business in the process. The consequences can be damaging! You may be forced to close operations for a day or more. This can compromise your customers and your profit.

Proper equipment maintenance is necessary for your car wash operations to avoid unnecessary expenses

Another effect you have to contend with because of equipment failure is costly and time-consuming repair. It is essential, especially for the equipment that you have invested money in. Equipment maintenance can help you detect potential major issues with the equipment before they become major. For example, if you find a pump seal leaking during scheduled maintenance and make the necessary repairs as soon as possible, you may have prevented having to replace an entire pump head or buying new car wash equipment.

Regular equipment maintenance can help you save money not only in equipment repair. It can also help you save money on utility bills. Little Things Add Up: Three Ways to Save Money, recommends checking for water leaks. Small water leaks may seem inconsequential considering the volume of water consumed in a car wash. However, according to USGS data, a single small drip can leak over 2000 gallons of water a year! If you have several water leaks, you could be wasting thousands of gallons of water in a single year. The same goes for your electricity and chemicals. Check your car wash operations for unnecessary lighting to save on electricity. Chemical containers left lying around without covers allow for potential contamination and evaporation of some ingredients. Yet another issue of waste.


Proper equipment maintenance in your day-to-day car wash operations is essential. While it could be tedious, it is not without benefits. It will save you from unnecessary stress and financial losses in the long run. Proper equipment maintenance helps you avoid a lot of unwanted incidents and ensure continuous car wash operations.

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First-Class Business Opportunities – Touchless Car Wash Machine,Make Money 24/7

What sort of money can you expect to make from a touchless car wash? It is the question an ambitious entrepreneur asks when considering his or her car wash options. You will naturally want to have an idea of the financial projections before you invest your time and money in a car wash business. It means researching startup costs, maintenance costs, and revenue-generating options. Profits will also vary according to customer demand, pricing strategies, wash times, and techniques. Read on to look at these considerations in more detail.

First-Class Business Opportunities – Touchless Car Wash Machine Make Money 24/7

What Is a Touchless Car Wash?

The automatic touchless car wash is a hands-off experience. It only uses high-pressure water jets and detergents to remove road grime, dirt and other deposits. No one physically touches the car. Automatic spinning brushes are not required. Many customers prefer this kind of brushless car wash system because there is no physical contact with their car, thus minimizing the risk of damage to the exterior paintwork of their vehicle.

How Does a Touchless Car Wash Work?

There are different touchless systems although the basic concept of touchless washing is the same. Equipment with vehicle-sensing technology carries out the work utilizing high-pressurized washing techniques. The touchless in-bay automatic car wash requires the customer to simply drive into a bay. Once in a stationary position, mechanical wands or “arms” with sensors navigate around the car while jetting water and car shampoo over the exterior to remove dirt and grime. The touchless conveyor tunnel system requires the customer to drive onto a conveyor. Then the car is rolled/pulled through the tunnel while the pressurized wash system operates automatically.

Touchless Car Wash Costs

Costs to Enter the Market

You need to think firstly about location, then the land, equipment and construction costs. An automatic touchless car wash machine with a dual-arm jet wash design can range from $21,000 to $23,000. Expect to pay up to $80,000 for more sophisticated designs with wheel-cleaning systems and dryer facilities.

Do you plan to purchase or lease land? Due diligence is essential because costs can vary considerably between different locations and states. Buying real estate can add value to your business but leasing may be a more affordable option for small business owners who want to acquire a larger site when first entering the market. Also, think about future business growth. If you can budget for a larger lot, it opens up opportunities to add more bays and services further down the line. As a rough estimate, budget around $45,000 per bay to cover costs for touchless car wash equipment, land and construction. Bear in mind, if you go for higher-end equipment and purchase a site in an expensive area, your costs will be considerably more.

Maintenance Costs

High-tech touchless wash equipment relies on intricate electronic components and hydraulically-powered parts, such as motors, sensors and a high-pressure pump system. Even high-quality systems can sometimes experience faults or failure. This means you may find yourself having to pay for costly repairs. Proper equipment maintenance is necessary. Carrying out regular checks will cost you money but it will hopefully save you money in the long run by identifying any potential problems before they arise.

Operating Costs

Your monthly expenses will include general utilities such as water and electricity and also maintaining a stock of chemical cleaners. In particular, pay attention to water usage. The pressurized jets used in a modern touchless car wash can use up to 15 gallons of water per vehicle, although some systems will have a degree of water recycling measures in place. On the plus side, you will be able to keep recruitment costs down with a self-serve computer-controlled touchless car wash. Leave it to the customer to input wash instructions, preferences, and payment.

The Average Income of a Touchless Car Wash

Time is money. A touchless wash and rinse can be done in 5 minutes or less. Adding wax and dry options can increase the time to 8 minutes per wash but you will charge more for the service. There is the potential to wash 8 cars per hour. However, some conveyor touchless systems are even faster with capabilities of washing up to 30 cars per hour. Price per car wash can range from $7-$15.

Statistics reveal that the average annual revenue for a single in-bay automatic car wash is $147,000. This is based on washing 21,000 cars annually at a basic $7 per wash. This equates to washing around 80 cars per day, operating for 5 days per week. In the first year of business, once you deduct your fixed and variable costs, the average profit is in the region of $50,000-$60,000. Adjust this figure accordingly to suit the pricing strategies for your car wash business and the turnover of vehicles washed per year.

How Profitable Is a Touchless Car Wash?

Research shows that rollover or in-bay automatic car washes accounted for the largest car wash market share in 2019, accounting for at 49.7% of the market. The high-volume of car washing achievable per hour can make a business very profitable. However, location is important. Go for an accessible site in a high-traffic area. Research the population and demographics of the neighborhood. Can you attract potential customers from local businesses or nearby busy residential areas?

To get a better idea of the potential profits, look at existing businesses for sale. For example, a self-serve car wash including two automatic touchless tunnels with real estate (2,840 square feet) in Dallas, Texas, is around $1,390,000. The business maximized profits by adding 4 additional self-serve bays. Gross sales are around $150,000 per year.

How to Maximize Your Profits

Think about auto detailing services to start offering when growing your business. It is entirely possible to double your profits by the time you reach the 5-year mark in business. For example, you could make $100,000-$120,000 per annum by offering more than just the basic touchless car wash. Give customers the option to purchase add-ons, such as tire shine, wax treatments or a hot water wash. These have the potential to raise revenue by around 20% per vehicle. Upgrade a basic 5-minute wash and rinse to a deluxe wash, wax, and dry. This will typically take just a few minutes longer but at a higher price point. Offer interior detailing services. This can be another way to boost income and profits.

Maximize profits by washing more cars. One way this can be achieved is by expanding your business and opening up another car wash. You may choose to increase the hours you are open – 24/7 availability will also make a huge difference to your bottom line. Customer loyalty programs can help to boost profits too.

Other Options

Be mindful that the chemicals and detergents used in a touchless car wash may not always be environmentally-friendly solutions. You may decide to use products that will promote a “greener” image for your business. You will also need access to an efficient sewer system to manage your runoff water so it does not pollute the environment. High-water usage is not the hallmark of a green business either. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, explore options that match the mood of the socially conscious consumer. This includes making your car wash an eco-friendly business, using eco-detergents, and adopting water-saving methods, such as cleaning cars with steam.


The overall concept of a touchless car wash is speed and convenience with the potential to make good money in the first year and maximize profits in the years thereafter. However, speedy car washes do not guarantee the wow factor in the same way a professional detailer can. Furthermore, this kind of car wash focuses on the exterior wash only. If you are unable to expand your list of services by offering interior detailing, for example, you will miss out on potential profits. Additionally, interior detailing also addresses the demand for deep-clean sanitization services since the coronavirus outbreak.

However, if you take a versatile approach and pay attention to consumer trends and demands such as mobile detailing and green business models, there is the potential to make a touchless car wash with add-on services a profitable success. There are also other business models to explore with exciting potential to make a lot of money. For instance, take a look at Mattias’ car wash business opportunity. It might just be the perfect fit for you.

17 Nov

Is a Gas Station Automatic Car Wash Business a Best Opportunity?

If you are looking into different car wash business models, a gas station car wash is an attractive prospect. People need gas to keep their cars on the road. This results in a steady flow of customers through a gas station. If a car wash is visible on the same site, it has the potential to capitalize on all this passing trade. You only have to visit a busy gas station car wash business to see that selling gas and washing cars is a good combination. But is it a profitable one or the right one for you? The advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

What Is a Gas Station Car Wash Business?

This type of business revolves around selling gas and car wash services on the same site. It targets customers who want to refuel their vehicles and take the opportunity to clean their cars in one go. You often find a convenience store, takeaway coffee, or restaurant introduced to the available services. If you are thinking about investing in such a business, there are different types of car wash models to consider, from an express car wash to a full-service car wash.

Advantages of a Gas Station Car Wash Business

Regular Customers at a Good Location

To maximize profits, you need to attract passing trade and encourage regular customers. Therefore, location is always a primary consideration when setting up a car wash business. Ideally, it will be near a high-traffic area, such as a superstore, the interstate or on the same site as a gas station.

Cross-Sell to Your Target Market

You can cross-sell and promote your car wash to customers at the pump or inside the gas station store. Make it easy for them to purchase a car wash service when paying for gas. Will you offer discount promotions at the pump to attract more sales? A gas station car wash business presents the perfect opportunity to cross-sell your car wash services to people who regularly pass through to refuel their vehicles.

The convenience of Using Multiple Facilities at a Gas Station

People like the convenience of one-stop shopping. This includes filling up with gas and using the car wash in one trip to the gas station. Customers can also shop for food and drink if there is a convenience store on site. They may also take the opportunity to check tire pressure and make use of oil change services if these facilities are available.clean machine car wash

A Gas Station Car Wash Business Service Is Time-Saving for the Customer

A car wash business within a gas station has the potential to save the customer time. Busier lifestyles have created a big demand for time-saving services. For example, if your gas station can offer a flex car wash it will appeal to those who want to save time with an express wash while also targeting customers who want additional services like a full service and detail.


Gas Station Car Wash Business Startup Costs and Expenses

You need to make a considerable investment in this type of business to get it up and running, whether you are going it alone or considering gas station franchise options.

Lower Customer Satisfaction

A gas station car wash doesn’t always rate highly in customer satisfaction. An express wash might be quick but 3 or 4 minutes are simply not long enough to give pristine results. Customers might like the idea of a time-saving car wash but only if it guarantees a reasonably good clean. There is also a risk of exterior damage from automated car washes. Hard brushes and bristles may potentially scratch or damage exterior paintwork.

Nervous First-Time Customers

The thought of using an in-bay automated car wash for the first time can put some people off. You must remain in your vehicle throughout the washing process and it can feel like a claustrophobic space. It is also a noisy experience when the brushes and water jets are in action.

Car Wash Discount Expectations

Buy a car wash and get a discount at the pump. It might sound like a good deal to the customer but it impacts the profits of a gas station car wash business in the long term. People look for a cross-sell discount. If there is an expectation that gas or car wash services will be cheaper at your gas station, you may need to run regular promotions to keep customers happy.

Minimal Profit Margin on Gas

Fluctuating gas prices don’t make it easy to make money at the pumps. In unsettled times, individual station owners have said that the only people making money are the credit card and oil companies. Instead, they look to their car wash services to bring in the cash. This highlights the importance of choosing the right type of car wash – one that meets customer expectations and maximizes your profits.

Is a Gas Station Car Wash Business Right For You?

It is important to weigh up the pros and cons. Let’s consider the cost to build a car wash. Starting from scratch takes considerable investment. You need to find the right location and a large enough site to accommodate both gas stations and a car wash. Can’t find the right site? There is the option of buying an existing car wash if you can afford it.

Running a gas station business that offers car wash services on the spot is an exciting venture. It can also be challenging and expensive. If you don’t have the capital or confidence to take on a gas station and a car wash at the same time, there are other options available. Check out the Mattias car wash machines.

17 Nov

7 Ways To Help Your Self-service Car Wash Business Succeed

Is it time for a new business opportunity for you in the car wash industry? Self Service Car Wash Business – 7 Ways to Help Make Car Wash Business a Success. Reports show that the US car wash service market is expected to reach USD 20.74 billion by 2028. Within this market, a self-service car wash business is a viable option. It can operate as a standalone business or it can support an existing business such as a convenience store, gas station, or auto detailing shop. Self-serve car wash bays have the potential to do very well because the latest DIY self-service equipment and programs offer more wash options and convenience than ever to the customer.

What else makes a self-service car wash business a good opportunity? Primarily, modern car wash systems are easy to run and maintain. You can also reduce workforce costs thanks to new car wash technology, mobile apps, and improved payment options that make customers less reliant on car wash staff.

7 Top Tips for a Successful Self-Service Car Wash Business

Industry analysis predicts the self-service car wash segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.9% from 2021 to 2028. Bear in mind, however, the “do it yourself” approach of a self-service car wash is nowhere near as popular as the “do it for me” trend that has boosted the market for on-demand mobile car wash and detailing. This is why it is important to research what type of car wash is the best fit for you. Market trends may influence your decisions but it is also worth noting that there will always be customers who want to wash their own vehicles. If you want to run a successful self service car wash business, take a look at these tips:

1. Join a Self Service Car Wash Franchise

Get the support of an established franchise. Some car wash franchises incorporate a self serve car wash into their business model. For example, Mattias expanded with additional self serve car washes including a standalone operation. This chain of self serve car washes now offers a selection of wash programs including soft-touch and touch-free. IQ Franchise encourages entrepreneurs to own their own IQ Car Wash. Franchise costs are available on request from the company.


There may be other car detailing franchises that you might feel more passionately about. So it is wise to explore all your options before signing the final franchise agreement.

2. Research the Self Service Car Wash Competition

Look at what your competition is doing. How do other successful self service car wash businesses operate? Study them carefully to see what they do to keep their customers happy. This includes noting the self service car wash location. Prime spots are close to busy roads or next to gas stations, garages, supermarkets and shopping centers. The following companies include self-service options in their business model.

  • Brown Bear self serve car wash business has multiple self-serve locations that are open 24 hours. Customers can choose from a range of self-serve options such as high-pressure soap, foam conditioner or a clear coat protectant. It also offers different wash packages to cater for those who don’t want to wash their own car.
  • ProClean Auto Wash has self service car washes and touchless in-bay automatics. At some of its locations it offers monthly memberships that give customers unlimited washes at a much lower rate than the single pay-per-wash price.
  • Bonnie Mist Car Wash offers full service and express tunnel washes. It also has self-service bays at some locations for those who prefer to wash their own vehicles. Professional detailing is also offered to boost sales. Customers choose different priced packages to suit their preferences.

3. Invest in High-Quality Self Service Car Wash Equipment and Detergents

If you want to own a successful self service car wash business, you will need to invest in high-quality equipment and detergents. Newer technology enables a greater number of cars to be washed per hour. However, self service car wash startup costs can quickly escalate. So you might want to think about seeking a partner to help pay for some of the following:

  • Modern touch control panels with intuitive navigation. Color-coded control panels with an illuminated program display also make the car wash more user-friendly.
  • Green biodegradable soaps and detergents. Eco-friendly chemicals won’t harm your customer’s car or the environment.
  • Innovative self-serve systems that include a wide variety of wash cycle features. For example, high-pressure soap and wax, low-pressure pre-soak, bug cleaner, foaming conditioner and spot-free rinse.
  • Powerful foam pistols with consistent spraying patterns.
  • Efficient water-recycling systems for a greener car wash experience.
  • State-of-the-art tire shine wand applicators for a spotless finish.
  • Blower to dry the vehicle.
  • Vacuum stalls should the customer want to clean their car interior.

4. Make Self-Service Car Wash Payments Easier for the Customer

You can have a coin-operated self-service car wash business. However, customers are increasingly adapting to cashless transactions because it is quicker and more convenient. The latest payment systems now offer multiple end-user payment options including credit and debit cards. Digital tokens are also another way to accept payment. Mobile apps can process payments and pre-paid monthly membership, too, see below.

5. Use a Mobile App to Help Grow Your Self Service Car Wash Business

Integrate a mobile app program with your self-service car wash business to grow your customer base and increase profitability. For example, encourage customers to purchase individual/monthly washes or wash bundles directly through the app. You can also send push notifications to alert customers to deals, discounts and promotions. A points loyalty system can feature on the app too. This allows customers to work their way towards a free car wash or other bonuses.

6. Offer Monthly Membership Programs to Increase Customer Loyalty

Unlimited car wash club membership is a popular invitation at many established car washes. The benefit for the customer is better value; the more you wash, the more you save. There is usually a monthly rate and customers are invited to wash their vehicles as often as they like. The aim is to increase customer loyalty and provide your self-service car wash business with regular income.

7. Include Add-On Services to Boost Your Business Profits

Encourage the customer to spend more at the self-service bay by maximizing upsell opportunities. For example, additional profit centers could include a vacuuming station, interior detailing or a hand car wash for those customers who are driving the “do it for me” trend.


A successful self service car wash business means less maintenance and fewer employees for a business owner. Choosing a location near filling stations, convenience stores or other high-traffic areas is the important first step. Additionally, this type of car wash can be used to expand an existing business. However, you need to be at the top of your game by investing in the latest wash programs and technology if you want to make it a success. This requires considerable investment. Therefore, it might make more sense to look for a partner. There are environmental considerations, too. This type of car wash uses a lot of water compared to other greener car washes.

Check out the Mattias franchise opportunity if you are more inspired by a water-saving car wash. Our automatic car wash machine methods return exceptional results and are recognized as the future of detailing. It is good for the car, good for the people, and good for the environment.

15 Nov

Gas Station Car Wash: Good Idea?

Maybe you’ve gone down a dirt road. Maybe it’s the end of winter and you want to clear road salt off your car. Maybe it’s just been hot and dusty.

No matter what, your car is dirty, and it needs a good cleaning. It’s important to do: Keeping your car’s exterior clean can extend the life of the paint job by removing bird poop and bugs that can eat into that paint. Washing your car also helps you avoid rust.

Gas Station Car Wash Good Idea

You need to choose between a standalone car wash and your local gas station’s drive-thru. Which is the better option?

Gas Station Car Washes

Gas station car washes provide a variety of services, from touchless (and a person less) automatic washes to full-service options that include exterior washing, waxing and tire cleaning and some even provide interior detailing. Some stations provide a full-service wash and wax by an attendant. Most provide automatic washes using a series of brushes that scrub your car with soapy water as you drive through the wash tunnel. Touchless car washes use pressurized jets, rather than brushes, to wash the exterior.


Having your car washed at the gas station is convenient, especially if you are filling your tank, too. They’re quick – automatic and touchless car washes typically last less than 10 minutes, and you likely won’t need to get out of your car. They’re also much cheaper than standalone car wash services: Prices typically range from $6 to $10 for a basic wash and dry. Many gas stations offer discounts to customers who buy gasoline or join their rewards club.


Drivers who use gas station drive-thrus should be aware that quality varies depending on how well the cleaning equipment is maintained. If the car wash uses brushes, they can be old or broken, and they can scratch your car’s exterior or damage the radio antennae or side mirrors. Equipment that’s not properly cleaned can become filled with dirt or chemicals, and the brushes can transfer that mess to your car.

Standalone Car Washes

Standalone car washes may offer a drive-thru option similar to a gas station, but they are primarily sought for their personalized hand-washing and detailing services, where customers pay an attendant to wash and dry their car.


Personalized service often means a cleaner and more thorough job with less risk of damage. An attendant can also focus on the dirtier areas of the car that need more attention. Standalone car washes typically offer expanded services such as interior cleaning and vacuuming, waxing, and tire cleaning.


The average cost for a standalone car wash can range from $25 to more than $100, depending upon the level of service. A typical standalone car wash can last around 30 minutes, which may not suit drivers pressed for time. Finally, standalone car washes aren’t as common as gas station drive-thrus, so getting to one may require a longer trip.


Choosing the best option for you depends upon your lifestyle. If you are looking for a quick and convenient way to wash your car that won’t break the bank, a gas station car wash may be the best choice. Drivers looking for premium service may be better served by a standalone car wash.

If you have questions about the petrol station/gas station automatic car wash machine, please contact us at

4 Nov

The Easiest Way to Start Your Own Car Wash Business:Automatic Car Wash Machine

So, you want to own a successful car wash franchise business. Have you ever thought about buying an automatic car wash machine? It is much easier than you think. Also, it means you have the ongoing support of an established business in the competitive automotive industry.

However, before you take the leap, are there opportunities for you to build a successful car wash franchise business? According to statistics, the demand for car wash services is continually rising. The US car wash service market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% from 2021 to 2028. The demand is clearly there.

People love clean cars. The International Car Wash Association reveals that around 66% of Americans like to wash their vehicles around 1-2 times per month. With this in mind, these people could be your potential customers. However, your future success will also depend on who you choose as a business partner. The right franchise for you will provide training and support to make it easier for you to start a successful car wash franchise business.

Start a Successful Car Wash Business in 5 Easy Steps
You can spend a lot of time and money trying to start a car wash on your own. Alternatively, you can get the ball rolling immediately by contacting a car wash machines manufacturers to request its information kit. Here are the steps you need to take when you want to start a car wash the easiest way.

1. Write a Business Plan
Before anything else, preparation is the key to success, so said scientist and inventor Alexander Graham Bell. Before you start a successful car wash franchise business, you should write a car wash business plan to help you prepare for car wash ownership. Notes to include are:

Why you want to own a car wash
The type of car wash you want to own
The services you want to offer
Your goals and objectives
How much you can afford to invest
Creating a plan will help guide you in the direction of the most suitable car wash franchise. Above all, you need to work with a franchisor who shares your vision and passion for building a successful car wash business.

2. Seek out a Future-Focused Car Wash Franchise
Firstly, you must research the past performance and reputation of the car wash franchise that interests you. After that, you must think about the future of car washing. What type of car wash is going to continue to perform consistently well? For example, the car wash franchise that operates sustainably is set to have a bright and profitable future because people want more environmentally friendly products and services.

A perfect example of a car wash with an eye on the future is the unattended automatic car wash. Mattias, for example, is bringing profits to car wash customers with its innovative Touchless-Type Car Wash Machine. Franchisees can take advantage of this successful automatic car wash machine and set up their own car wash with the support of the successful Mattias brand.

3. Analyze the Franchise Disclosure Document
You are about to invest a significant amount of money in a car wash franchise. Therefore, you need to find out everything there is to know about the franchisor before you agree to becoming a franchisee. This is what’s known as part of the pre-sale due diligence process.

A franchise disclosure document (FDD) is a legal requirement. For example, the FDD will include the following items:

The franchisor and any parents, predecessors, and affiliates
Business experience
Initial fees
Estimated initial investments
Financial statements
There are other items on the document too. All this information will help you build a clear picture of the car wash franchise. Consequently, you’ll be made fully aware of costs. You’ll also find out the franchisor’s obligations. For example, how much assistance you’ll get with training, marketing, ongoing support, and so on. There’s a lot to take in. For your peace of mind, you might prefer to go through this document with a qualified franchise lawyer.

4. Secure Franchise Financing
If you are happy with the financial disclosure document, you are ready to take the exciting final steps toward owning your own car wash. Now it is time to focus your attention on securing your initial investment funding. If you decide to buy a car wash franchise, you must get financing.

It is advisable to explore all the different options to make sure you secure the best deal. Nowadays, there are many options available to entrepreneurs. It is not just about the traditional bank loan. For example, you could:

Secure funding through a franchisor loan
Enquire about an SBA loan for a franchise
Invest funds from your retirement plan using Rollover for Business Startups (ROBS)
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You can ask other franchise owners for advice. Did they take advantage of in-house franchising? Likewise, the franchisor is there to answer your questions. They will be able to share their business expertise in this area.

5. Make the Most of the Available Franchise Support
Congratulations! You’ve signed the franchise agreement. You are now the proud owner of a hopefully successful car wash franchise business. Now you can begin to make the most of the opportunities the car wash industry has to offer. Understandably, it can feel daunting at first. However, a responsible car wash franchise will be committed to helping you build a successful car wash business from day one. To illustrate this commitment, Mattias’ franchise training includes:

How to use the automatic car cleaning equipment
Sales and marketing support. For example, how to make the most of social media and email marketing
Customer service training
Mattias also provides ongoing support to help you grow your business. This means you can reach out to them for advice whenever you need help to successfully navigate the car wash industry.

To sum up, the easiest way to open your own car wash is to start a business with a franchise partner. It takes away the uncertainty and stress that comes with trying to do everything on your own. You will have the backing of an established brand. This gives you access to an experienced franchisor who will guide you through training and marketing. Moreover, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade that are key to carving out a successful car wash business in a competitive industry.

Are you ready to be your own boss? Explore the Mattias car wash solutions. Our automatic car wash business: IoT Enabled – All Set For the Future! Your car wash will meet the increasing demand for more sustainable businesses. Furthermore, we support our franchisees with superb coaching programs.


3 Nov

8 Specific Details You Should Know About Running A Commercial Truck Wash Business

There are a lot of business opportunities out there. However, those that succeed are the ones that meet people’s needs. A commercial truck wash business may be a non-conventional opportunity, but there is a growing demand for it.

Interested? Here are eight things to help you jumpstart your business and eventually, make it a financial success.

Commercial Truck Wash: 8 Specifics of Running It
1. Purchasing Car Wash Machine/Equipment
Purchasing the right truck wash equipment is one of the most important things to consider. After all, you cannot deliver premium quality services to your customers if you do not invest in a high-quality truck wash system. But bear in mind that superior quality does not necessarily mean expensive. Do your research. Read reviews. Compare prices and product specifications. Ask for demos or trials, if possible. It might be a long and arduous process, but it will eventually pay off.

2. Clearances and Permits to Operate
A commercial truck wash business needs proper documentation. You need to get permits and clearances from the health and sanitation department and pay certain government fees on time. Take note of the renewal dates – or your business might be suspended or worst, closed. For smoother and continuous implementation, secure your operations by legitimizing all steps and processes.

Think of every single detail that can go wrong. This will help you plan fail-safe documentation. Find out which local codes, business licenses, and permits are necessary to open a commercial truck wash business. Check out the local municipal planning and know the approval procedures, especially for zoning regulations, traffic impact, and developments. These might affect the approval of your project. Be prepared to show the value of your business and how it can help the community.

8 Specific Details You Should Know About Running A Commercial Truck Wash Business
8 Specific Details You Should Know About Running A Commercial Truck Wash Business

Lastly, check the utilities available around the site. Are there water, power, and sewer lines surrounding the area?

3. Environment-Friendly
Sustainable business operations always think of their environment first. And with more and more people supporting green businesses, organic is the way to go. Integration of an eco-friendly commercial truck wash system is very important as it also symbolizes your commitment to getting a profit without harming the environment. It also shows your dedication to the safety and security of your neighborhood.

4. Maintenance
To continue providing top-quality services to your customers, you must ensure that your truck wash tools and equipment work efficiently all the time.

Equipment and tools can break down when you least expect it (and want it). But with proper and regular maintenance, you can minimize, if not totally prevent such scenarios.

So when considering a commercial truck wash system, look for a provider who is willing to implement routine inspections and perform customized maintenance. By doing so, you will get rid of potential failures and you can continue washing your way to financial success.

5. Cost-Effectiveness
Let’s get real. Your goal as a commercial truck wash owner is to keep the most profit for the least amount of expenditure. Of course, that is not to compromise the quality of service. Cost-effectiveness involves checking the business model from the tools and equipment, utilities, acquisition of employees, as well as market projection. The overall process of implementing daily operations must also be easy for the employees and straightforward for the customers. An effective business model takes into account what could make the procedures more efficient without having to shell out a lot of money.

6. Market
Before buying your commercial truck wash system, you need to consider various marketing points to develop your business plan. Location is a very important point to consider. Select a site and explore the area. Check the population, foot traffic, ease of accessibility, and the competition around the area. The recommended size is around one to two acres of land.

Develop a business plan and conduct a feasibility study, if possible. Also, check the traffic study as it will help you gauge if your location is strategic, which means sustainability for your business.

Or you can go mobile. This eliminates the need for a fixed location, thus decreasing your initial cash layout. And you won’t need to build a water reclamation system, which can also dramatically lessen your startup costs.

7. Financing & Promotion
Know all the finance-related information associated with running a commercial truck wash business. Secure the financing and budget accordingly. Alongside financial concerns, you also need to use the information you get from your market research in order to transform them to profit. Consider your promotional budget and know.

8. Franchising & Consultation
There are several franchising opportunities if you are thinking of establishing a commercial truck wash business. These franchising plans provide you a combination, if not all of the listed considerations above. You can consult their business representatives in order to find out more and explore the possibility of a partnership with them.

Mattias’ truck wash experts can guide you through the decisions to be made regarding your truck wash equipment, as well as assist you with the different options you can take in your journey to establishing a truck wash business. They would give you a better understanding of building requirements, and specifics of the right wash system and even help you provide training for your staff.

2 Nov

Investing In Touchless Automatic Car Wash Machine – Is It a Good Business Idea Today?

Is a touchless automatic car wash machine going to make you a successful business owner? The overall industry performance certainly looks encouraging. According to the latest analysis, the US car wash service market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% from 2021 to 2028. Furthermore, the automatic in-bay car wash segment makes up the largest revenue share of the market at 41.8%.

However, starting a car wash business involves careful research and planning. To aid your decision-making, compare different business models to get an idea of startup costs and demand. For example, research the differences between a brushless car wash vs an auto detailing business. Also, look at the following pros and cons of a touchless automatic car wash:

Investing Touchless Automatic Car Wash – Is It a Good Business Idea Today
Investing in Touchless Automatic Car Wash – Is It a Good Business Idea Today

What is a Touchless Automatic Car Wash?
A touchless automatic car wash doesn’t require brushes, bristles, or cloths to clean your customer’s vehicles. You can choose from a touchless automatic in-bay design or a touchless conveyor tunnel system. Both types of car washes remove dirt and other contaminants without cleaning equipment touching the customer’s vehicle.

Advantages of a Touchless Automatic Car Wash
Avoids Potential Damage to Car Exterior
Many drivers take great joy in owning and driving a pristine-looking vehicle. Therefore, “car pride” can greatly influence their favorite type of car wash. This is because of their concerns about potential damage to a car’s exterior. Touchless vehicle wash systems will help to ease any fears about scratches to paintwork or accidental bumps and scrapes from car wash equipment.

Speed and Convenience of a Touchless Automatic Car Wash
The touchless automatic conveyor system shares two main similarities with an express car wash. Both are quick and convenient for the customer. If you’re a business owner, a high-speed system is advantageous, too. When you wash a lot of cars within a given time, increased productivity means bigger profits.

Reduced Labor Costs
A touchless automatic car wash doesn’t require the services of a detailing team in the same way a hand car wash business does. Therefore, you can reduce ongoing labor costs. This will help make your car wash more profitable in the long term. Depending on which equipment you choose, you may not need anyone at all on-site to supervise the wash operations. If this is the case, you can greatly extend your car wash opening hours and maximize profits, see below.

24 Hours Automatic Car Washing
An unmanned in-bay touchless automatic car wash gives you the option to keep your car wash business open 24 hours a day. The latest equipment will have a touchscreen operating system with flexible wash programming. This allows the customer to enter the car wash without staff help. Also, a fully automated car wash business will use a cashless payment system. This convenience appeals to customers who like to pay via their smartphone.

Latest Technology Attracts Customers
Research suggests that touchless car washing with improved technologies is driving the industry forward. You can impress customers with the latest tech and functions. For example, touchless robot car wash machines detect the three-dimensional measurements of a vehicle and clean it according to size. This helps to minimize product waste.

Is the Touchless Automatic Car Wash the Right Business for you?
A touchless automatic car wash is a good opportunity if you can afford to invest in high-tech equipment. Improved technologies are attracting new customers all the time. However, your business will lose out to the competition if you don’t upgrade your systems. Also, while some customers prefer the lack of contact from brushes, wands, or clothes, others will have concerns about the use of high-pressure jets and powerful chemicals to break down dirt.

If you don’t feel confident about investing in a touchless automatic car wash, you can still be a part of the thriving car wash industry predicted to grow steadily over the next five years. If you want to make your business model more secure why not get the support of an established, market-leading business behind you? For more detailed information be sure to check out the Mattias franchise opportunity.

If you have already done that and like our business opportunity, please submit your Franchise Application Form to initiate your exciting franchise exploration journey.


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