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24 Oct

Looking To Drive Up Your Car Wash Profits?

Looking to drive up your car wash profits? Is your car wash facility optimizing your time and money effectively? Are you attracting new customers? Bringing back previous customers? We’ve highlighted a few ways you can increase your profits today.

Looking To Drive Up Your Car Wash Profits?
Looking To Drive Up Your Car Wash Profits?

Clean up your costs
Saving on water and cleaning agents will save on costs. With the environmental landscape changing, businesses have to adapt to remain competitive. Not only are customers looking for more products and services, like water conservation and fewer chemicals leaching into the environment, but environmentally friendly practices also save you money in the long run. Choose an option that reclaims or recycles water for future wash cycles. Reducing water usage will also help decrease water supply bills, a win-win for both you and the environment.

Go for quality
It’s tempting to save money and go with the cheaper option, but it’s not providing you savings if it’s costing you in the long term. Invest in equipment that can service your volume without compromising the results. A poor result due to brushes that smear or scratch instead of gently cleaning means that the customer isn’t coming back again. Good quality equipment and parts also last longer, are more reliable, and will save you in the long run.

Drive traffic
Slow periods can be a challenge. Promotional campaigns during slow periods, like half-price car wash days, can help drive traffic to your car wash. In addition to traditional advertising campaigns, hit the social network on gloomy or overcast days. Tweet or post about promotions to reach your customer base instantly.

Contact us for more ways that Mattias can help optimize your car wash profits.

21 Oct

Car Dealership How to Improve Clean Up Car Wash Profits?

Why should a car dealership invest in an automatic car wash machine? For starters, for a dealership, car care is part of the day-to-day routine. Customers expect to be greeted by row upon row of clean, shiny cars each time they step onto the lot. A dealership is a perfect playground for clean car care!

Car Dealership How to Improve Clean Up Car Wash Profits
Car Dealership How to Improve Clean Up Car Wash Profits

Here are a few other reasons adding a car wash to a dealership can help clean up cars and create profits:

  1. Adding an automatic car wash to a dealership can help boost customer satisfaction. For example, offering a free car wash after a visit to the service center is a value-add that will help increase satisfaction and keep customers coming back. It also sends a subtle signal that the dealership provides quality offerings, which can boost public perception of the validity of the dealership.
  2. It helps keep costs to a minimum. Often, less staff is needed to run an on-site automatic car wash. When comparing that to the crew needed for a full-service manual car wash, costs add up over time.
  3. Quality is king, but we want it on time and at a good price. Lives are busier than ever, and time is often a factor when making decisions. An automatic car wash cuts down on the time needed to get the customer in and out the door. If you invest in the right car wash equipment, it also does the job thoroughly, so customers leave with a clean, sparkling car each and every time. Top-quality service is critical to maintaining a successful business.
  4. You can expand your horizons. Not only can the car wash system be used to support the dealership, but offering a discount to customers that are not using the service center will bring in additional revenue. Open it up to the public and capture even more profits.
  5. Saves time and money for the dealership. If the volume of daily washes becomes so great that a hand-wash operation can’t keep up, it’s time to add more manpower or add a system that can do the job quickly yet effectively. Check out your costs to see if an automatic car wash system makes sense.

We can help you determine what car wash system is right for you. Connect with us!

21 Oct

How to Build Up Your Benefits With an Express Tunnel Car Wash Machine?

In today’s competitive market, customers look for convenience. With rising c-store options on the market, it’s more important to stand out now than ever before. A variety of services, like a car wash, provides a one-stop shopping experience for busy consumers. If you don’t have a car wash at your convenience store, it’s time to build one for your car wash business.

What Customers Want

Today’s consumer-savvy customers value their time and money, and good quality at a competitive price is the golden ticket.

Dig the Discount: Customers love to get a deal. Help your c-store stay competitive by cross-promoting car wash sales at the pump with deals they can’t get at the competition.

Love the Loyalty: Loyalty programs and frequent rewards are value-added perks to help build loyalty and foster repeat business.

Cue the Clean Up: While filling up, customers love to clean up. Adding a car wash, waste bins, mat cleaners, and free vacuums is a big draw.

How Build Up Your Benefits With an Express Tunnel Car Wash Machine
How to Build Up Your Benefits With an Express Tunnel Car Wash Machine

How Will You Benefit?

By adding a car wash to your c-store, you’re adding a whole new layer of opportunity. At-home car washing has decreased by more than 20% percent in the last two decades, with 71% of customers opting to use a commercial car wash.

Rising Cars: New car sales are at record highs, which calls for an increase in services. As the professional car wash industry continues to grow, it’s a great way to capitalize on the cars on the road.

Smooth Operators: With cutting-edge technology and the latest and greatest in car wash equipment, car wash profits continue to increase as car wash owners experience a reduction in labor and utility costs.

Minimize the Maintenance: As point-of-sale systems become state-of-the-art, owners experience less downtime and maintenance of equipment.

Pump Up the Profits: A variety of add-on services provide opportunities to up-sell and improve profits at the pump and at the terminal.

The Recipe for Success

How can you ensure your car wash will be a success?

Plan It: Thorough market research and site planning will set you on the road to success.

Make the Investment: Invest in modern, efficient equipment that will allow you to expand and customize with add-ons.

Opt for Innovation: Opt for innovative technology to minimize labor, maintenance costs, and utility expenses.

Marvelous Marketing: Ensure that you fully integrate marketing and promotions with your c-store

Top-Tier Training: Enlist professional training for your operations staff.


Want to know more about how to get the profits rolling?MATTIAS is your total car wash, solution provider. Connect with us today.

21 Oct

How to Choosing the Right Type of Car Wash Machines For Your Business

When you finally decide to open a car wash business, you’ll have to decide what kind of car wash you want to operate. Tunnels Car Wash Machines are an attractive option, with their quick service times and a variety of tech-savvy equipment options. Automatics have come a long way from dingy wash towels and bristled brushes and provide ease of maintenance.

There are many factors that come into play when making a decision including space, cost, and people. While there is no wrong choice when it comes to choosing the right car wash, you have to base your decision on the factors that suit your business needs and goals. Below are some benefits to choosing an in-bay automatic.


When it comes to building a new car wash business, an in-bay automatic car wash is an appealing option because it’s a great space saver. With a smaller footprint, it can be set up on

How to Choosing the Right Type of Car Wash Machines For Your Business
How to Choosing the Right Type of Car Wash Machines For Your Business

less land than a tunnel. You can also retrofit an existing car wash building to help curb the cost of building from the ground up.


Automatic car wash start-up costs are typically lower than those of a tunnel system. Since the footprint is smaller and the cost of equipment is lower, you may find that you can add an automatic car wash to a busy convenience store or gas station to yield multiple avenues of revenue.


An automatic car wash system is hands-free. Without the costly addition of hiring, training and paying employees, an in-bay greatly lowers your operating costs. If you have more room, you can also add more than one bay, offering you a higher return on your investment.


Most professional operations have installed reclaim systems to reduce the amount of water and energy used during the cleaning process. They are also using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to stop toxic chemicals from reaching our water supply.


People used to be afraid that their cars would take a beating. Not anymore. Equipment and parts have come a long way! New, softer materials, mild yet effective chemical applications and gentle scrubbing action create a worry-free car wash experience.


Want to know if an automatic car wash system is the right fit for you? Connect with us today.

20 Oct

What New Car technology Means for Car Wash Operators?

New technology has made cars smarter, faster, and more efficient than ever before. But even though new car features have undergone thousands of hours of research and development, some of the elaborate additions have kyboshed the clean process in the automatic car wash world.

What New Car Technology Means for Car Wash Operators
What New Car Technology Means for Car Wash Operators

What’s triggering the complications? Features like forwarding collision avoidance are great for the road, but not in a car wash. Many drivers and wash owners have reported that the avoidance system triggers during a wash cycle, stopping the vehicle mid-car wash, and causing the vehicle behind it to collide.

Operators have also reported problems with cars that won’t roll in neutral, requiring an employee to go along for the ride to keep things moving and ensure car safety.

‘Smart’ automatic wipers sometimes activate and become damaged, and keyless entry systems lock up when they come in contact with wash brushes. Locked up means locked out, with the keys inside.

How can we overcome car wash challenges? Most vehicles have manual override instructions that allow the car owner to temporarily turn off the feature. The problem? Each vehicle is different so there’s no standard approach to accessing and turning things off. Imagine pausing at the door of the car wash and frantically jabbing at buttons and swiping through screens. It’s become a lot more complicated than a sign that simply states ‘put car in neutral.’

As these challenges continue to test the car wash industry, one idea to alleviate problems is to work with automakers to standardize deactivation features and educate car wash owners on individual vehicle requirements to keep things safe during a car wash.

For more information on how we can help your car wash keep things clean with high-tech vehicles, contact us today.

23 Jan

How To Advertise Your Car Wash Business Online And What You Need To Consider

Today, hardly anyone can avoid online advertising. Many people are online every day, both at work and in their spare time, so they can see your ad at any time. 75 percent of the world’s advertising budget was already being spent on online advertising. But in order to reach the right people and not spend a lot of money on advertising that doesn’t generate sales, you need to keep a few things in mind.

These types of online advertising may be considered
There are different ways in which you can reach people online with your advertising. These include

Text ads in search engines such as Google
Video advertising on video platforms such as YouTube
Advertising posts on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, Tiktok,Snapchat
Banner advertising on thematically similar websites
e-mail marketing
Before deciding what type of distribution you want, consider how you define your target audience and who you’re targeting with your advertising. Many novice drivers, for example, are hard to find on Facebook these days, whereas the older generations have long since discovered this social medium for themselves.

The right advertisement on the Internet for search engines
Google is still the undisputed top dog in search engines. Google Ads allows you to create your own text ads and show them to a selected audience. You yourself set who can see the advert. By defining the keywords, you limit the search queries to which the ad is to be displayed and those to which it is explicitly not displayed. Here you can track how well the ad is performing and make modifications at any time. Above all, the option of publishing the advertisement on a regional basis is interesting for car wash operators. After all, it won’t do you any good if someone at the other end of the country clicks on your ad. However, there is no guarantee that your ad will be displayed. If this is not the case, you do not have to pay any fees – these only apply when the interested party clicks.

Online advertising with videos
Do you have short, crisp, and interesting advertising videos from your car wash? Then you can run them on YouTube as advertisements before or after the actual videos. Alternatively, your video could also be displayed as a suggestion next to the one currently being viewed. The former is a rather wasteful option for a smaller regional company – most users probably never come to your area. The second variation could be interesting if you have an exciting video of something that makes your car wash special. For example, you can find videos of Mattias-Wash on this platform. Naturally, you can also include the video on your website and link to it in the video so that interested YouTube users can find you directly.

Advertising on the Internet with social media
Which social media do you use for your car wash? You can advertise on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. How this works is explained to you well on the linked pages – but here too you must always keep your target group in mind. Who do you want to address and what is interesting for the special clientele?

A banner – an advertisement on the Internet on other websites
You should consider carefully whether you actually place a banner advertisement on the Internet. More and more people are using Adblocker, so they may never see your banner ads. Also, the eye and brain get used to storing advertising at the edges of the screen much too quickly and not appreciating it. But if you do want to display a banner, you should target popular companies in your area – may be a car dealership or a workshop? Under certain circumstances you can also exchange banners: Your banner will appear on the company’s website and theirs on yours.

How To Advertise Your Car Wash Business Online And What You Need To Consider
How To Advertise Your Car Wash Business Online And What You Need To Consider

e-mail marketing is ideal for encouraging customer loyalty
e-mail advertising is one of the oldest forms of Internet advertising but still has its value. We have already written about it in detail elsewhere. However, since you cannot operate a Germany-wide acquisition for a regional offering such as your car wash, you have to generate all the addresses yourself – be it at the checkout, on your website, or on Facebook. Accordingly, you do not generate any new interest with the e-mails, but keep your existing customers up to date.

Even a search engine-optimized website is the online advertising
If your website is the first to be found when users enter “car wash” and the name of your location, it will help a lot. There are not many prospective customers who would look at the second page of the search engine results when looking for a car wash. Accordingly, optimizing your website for search engines can certainly ensure new customers. You can learn here how this optimization, SEO for short, works.

Summary: Online advertising is worthwhile, but must be tailored to your needs
You can use the Internet to advertise in many ways – and spend a lot of money on it. So that this is well invested, you should make sure that groups of people who are actually interested get to see the advertisement. It should also contain the correct words or tags so that search queries will lead to you. In order to advertise in the right tone, you should define your target group precisely and address them in the right way.

If you need support with traditional “offline” advertising for your car wash, our experienced marketing team will be happy to advise you!

23 Jan

How To Buy Car Wash Machine:Five Foolproof Tips For Buying a Car Wash Equipment

So, you’ve decided to buy a car wash. There are many steps to take en route to buying an existing site. Here are our top five tips to consider before you make an offer.

Query the competition

Know before you buy. Look into how many other car washes are in the area. What do they have on-site vs. what you could offer potential customers? What do they charge? Are their buildings and equipment old and outdated? Or fresh and new? Will you need to consider an upgrade to your existing operation?

Survey the site

Inspecting a prospective site will reveal a lot about the potential investment. Check out the visual impact. Is it clean and well-repaired? How is the lighting? You want to invest in a site that will attract customers. If the building and equipment are in need of repair, what will it take to improve them?

How To Buy Car Wash Machine:Five Foolproof Tips For Buying A Car Wash Equipment
How To Buy Car Wash Machine: Five Foolproof Tips For Buying A Car Wash Equipment

Evaluate the equipment

Evaluate whether the current equipment meets your needs. A new bay can cost $150,000 or more. Ask to see the maintenance record. When was the equipment purchased? Call on a supplier or technician to review and evaluate whether the equipment is in good condition.

Is it accessible?

Does the site benefit from good traffic flow? Are there any obstacles in the roadway, like a median, that would prevent customers from entering the site? Once on-site, ensure there is a logical flow of traffic to help customers move through with ease.

Take care of business

Examine the books and tax returns to determine the site’s revenue. Review water bills to determine how much you can expect to use. Look at soap and chemical bills to project usage. Spend time on site to see the volume of customers first-hand. How much time does it take to wash a vehicle? If the system is newer, vehicles will be processed more quickly.

A car wash can be profitable. Do your due diligence. Need advice? Our team is on hand to help you every step of the way.

23 Jan

Create a Profitable Car Wash Program For Your Business

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When a customer pulls up to your car wash, the menu is the first impression of what you can offer them.

Creating a great car wash menu takes planning. Provide options that allow a customer to feel confident when making a decision. If there are too many choices and not enough time to decide, making a decision can become frustrating, and customers may go with the first low-price option they see.

Help your customer feel empowered and confident with their choice by keeping communication clear and concise. Let’s explore what makes a menu great.

Less is more

If you’ve ever flipped through a large restaurant menu, you’ll know it’s frustrating to make a choice when faced with page after page of options. Too many choices muddy the decision-making waters. Not only does it create confusion, but it also leaves room for doubt and buyer’s remorse.

Customers want to be confident in their choices, but too many options turn an easy experience into a confusing one. When customers are confused, they may choose a basic wash because they don’t know what else they want. Simple is best.

How much is enough?

To create a clean purchase environment, consider creating three to five packages that combine the services that your customers most need, and place the rest of your offerings in an additional, a-la-carte menu.

So what information should you include in the menu? Package names, a description of services, and pricing are all important components of any menu board.

Curb the creativity

Consider naming your packages with simple, easy-to-remember headlines. Something like ‘The Ultimate Wash’ or ‘The Gold Package’ allows your customer to immediately connect that what they are purchasing is top-of-the-line service, whereas something like ‘The Show Stopper’ or ‘The Suds King’ does not.

Dive into details

Highlight what each package includes, and provide a clear breakdown so customers can see the value of each package.

Doing this allows a customer to quickly find the right package for the right price for an easy, stress-free experience.

What will it cost me?

Clearly outline pricing so customers can connect the value with the service they are purchasing.

Customers should be able to quickly scan the board and find what they need. Offer larger, all-inclusive packages, and simple add-on’s to make the purchase process quick and seamless.

When the choice is quick and stress-free, customers will have confidence in their decision.

Optimize your car wash business. MATTIAS is your total car wash solution provider. Connect with us today.

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