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22 Mar

The Ultimate Profit Center Of C-Stores/Gas Stations – Automatic Car Wash Machine Car Wash Business

As a gas station or c-stores owner, you have a lot on your plate. Your carwash should be a lucrative addition to your business, not a source of headaches. Let us handle everything from carwash planning, installation, marketing, and maintenance, so you can focus on running your gas station with ease.

If you’re considering adding automatic car wash equipment to your c-store or gas station, it can be an excellent decision if you want to:

  1. Generate an additional income stream. By adding an automatic car wash, you can create an additional income stream for your c-store. While snacks and fuel are essential, a 24-hour profit center can provide consistent income and the potential for higher profit margins.
  2. Attract new customers. Offering an express carwash can attract new customers to your store, as convenience is a priority for many people. Providing a “one-stop shop” can make your c-store a more attractive option for potential customers.
  3. Simplify solutions. Don’t overlook the value of in-bay automatics and smaller tunnels. If you own an automatic car wash alongside your c-store, prioritizing the quality of the wash and maintaining the site can pay off. We can guide you on how to do this effectively.

What about a tunnel carwash(Tunnel-Type Car Wash Machine)?

As a convenience store owner, we understand that you already have a lot on your plate. Whether you’re looking to install a new carwash system or maximize your existing one, we can guide you through the process from start to finish.

In the c-store market, tunnel carwashes have become a popular trend. If you’re considering running a tunnel without hiring extra employees, there is a risk of people running into the wash or damaging their vehicles. However, our tunnel carwash is designed to be easy to operate and user-friendly, making them unmanned and reducing these risks.

Furthermore, our tunnels are customizable to fit small bays like those found in c-stores, leading to higher throughput and profit potential for you.

From day one, we focus on the unique needs of your store. We evaluate a long list of factors—from geography and weather to demographics and vehicle types—to help you select the right carwash system. In addition to our in-bay automatic systems, we offer self-serve washes,touchless-type car wash machines, and gate-type car wash machines.

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